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kimber started this conversation

Money, what is it?  To those who have it, they say nothing;  but to those who do not have any, they say it's the world.  Everything could be better if we just had money to pay for the things that we need to fix.  Living in Florida my whole life, I didn't grow up with snow outside and a warm fireplace inside.  I found a house in my price range that I just could not pass up.  This house was built in 1927 and for its age is in very good condition.  I just want money to fix my house from the hurricanes last year and again this year.  The leaks in the kids rooms need to be fixed again so they will stop leaking and they can sleep in their beds again.  By then, we will need new beds for them too.  I also want to finish my degree at college since I only have 4 classes left to obtain my AS.  However with 3 children and a house needing to be fixed, money is hard to save on 1 income. 

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